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        Products Guide Factory Guide Japanese Site Site Map

            Hidefumi Kimura
            39 millions
            Manufacture and sale of carbonated drink, fruit-juice drink,
        and healthy drink
        Sale of canned drinks
        For venders
        Alcoholic beverages production and sale
        Sale of tea-ceremony tool

        President Hidefumi Kimura
        Our company has concentrated on the manufacture of bottled soft drinks since foundation.Diversification of our
        products is important whilst consumption levels are steadily progressing every year.
        In the future we shall move with the current trends by research and development into new indredients and at the
        same time improving the quality of bottling and packaging materials.

        The Yoshida factory
        The Hama factory
        The Tokyo office   The Nagoya office

        Tel +81-548-32-7555 Fax +81-548-32-7778

        (Operating headquarters)(Manufacture headquarters) 1082,kawashiri,Yoshida-cho,Haibara-gun,Shizuoka-ken,Japan
        Tel +81-548-32-7555 Fax +81-548-32-7778

        3051-43,Aza-Hamagawara kawashiri,Yoshida-cho,Haibara-gun,Shizuoka-ken,Japan
        Tel +81-548-34-1777 Fax +81-548-34-1778

        Tel +81-548-32-7555 Fax +81-548-32-7778

        2-35-1,Nihonbashi Hama-cho,Chuo-ku,Tokyo,Japan
        Nihonbashi EISHIN Bldg., 801
        Tel +81-3-3639-8311 Fax +81-120-82-7778

        Tel +81-568-82-5411 Fax +81-568-84-7548

        1947 Start of production of soft drinks
          1953   KIMURA DRINK CO.,LTD established
          1971   Headquarters and the main new store built
          1985   The Kasugai-city place of business first established
          1986   The capital is increased to capital 20 million yen
          1988   The Yoshida factory constructed
          1989   The goods first packed into plastic bottles
          1991   The goods first packed into 50ml and 30ml bottles
          1992   The Tokyo office established
          1994   The Nagoya office established
          1996   The Osaka office set up with operating headquarters at Juice factory new building
          1999   The capital is increased to the capital 29 million yen
          2000   Alcoholic goods production started and Hama factory constructed
          2001   Robot caser and robot palletizer introduced into Yoshida factory
          2002   350ml aluminium cans production started at Hama factory,
        plastic bottles molding started(Associated company)
          2003   Participation of the largest food exhibition "ANUGA 2005"
        Built up plastic bottles production lines (5,000C/S per day)
        Automatic retort line equipment introduced into Hama factory
        Copyright 2009,KIMURA DRINK CO.,LTD.All rights reserved.