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        This springwater come from Okuhida Sugo highland. This place lies the center of Japan. It is called as "Kind Water" by people.


        330ml pet115yen
        (Per Unit) 330ml*24pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842701017
        500ml pet126yen
        (Per Unit) 500ml*24pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842702014
        2L pet294yen
        (Per Unit) 2L*6pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842705015

        500ml pet150yen
        (Per Unit) 500ml*24pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842712013
        2L pet315yen
        (Per Unit) 2L*6pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842715014
        Mt.FUJI mineral water

        500ml pet150yen
        (Per Unit) 500ml*24pet
        POS(JAN) 4972842717018
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        Japanese yen.

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