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        Soft Drinks
        We make a popular range of 4 different beverages in japan.Daruma Soda pop and FUKUMANEKI Soda pop are manufacturing of the raw material in the god in Japan praying.

        Daruma Soda pop

        300ml btl200yen
        (Per Unit) 300ml*24btl
        POS(JAN) 4972842373207
        Fumaneki Soda pop

        300ml btl200yen
        (Per Unit) 300*24btl
        POS(JAN) 4972842373252

        300ml btl110yen
        (Per Unit) 300ml*24btl
        POS(JAN) 4972842373108
        Tomato Soda pop

        340ml btl150yen
        (Per Unit) 340ml*20btl
        POS(JAN) 4972842373313
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        Every price present in
        Japanese yen.

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